Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Petanqueamerica Open

that's it I'm on !! November 14th and 15th 2009, in Fernandina Beach on Amelia Island, Florida about 45 minutes east of Jacksonville, Fl.
This is gonna be a terrific Event with great an exceptional players from all over the American continent but also Europe, Africa, Asia, etc...
I'll be partner of Robert Pierre, previous coach of a few national teams !!
I can't wait to get there and play for the win of course, but also along great players !!
Pictures and links will be coming within the next 6 weeks and posts of course.
Regards to all,

Pierre Perrier

Sunday, September 27, 2009

New York Open 2009

Here we go again for the 2009 Edition of the New York Open !! Otober 3rd and 4th !! Should be a great week-end !! hopefully the weather will cooperate :) !!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Hello, Everybody, Welcome to the new "Boules Larchmontaises, NY" Blog. It's totally new so excuse the typos or non-working fonctions (if any) I have to figure out myself how to set it up !!
A lot of good things have been happening this week for this Club in it's first steps. Alex Pichon and myself, Pierre Perrier , on Sunday September 28th, were attending the second and final day of FPUSA National Championship Tournament with the winning team representing Team USA in the 2010 World Championship. Very rainy day unfortunately, but nothing could stop the qualities of the participating teams players on that soggy day. After a wonderful and intense final game, won by Xavier, Jean-Pierre and Eric, we had the chance to join all the participating teams for a dinner hosted by "La Boule New-Yorkaise". We got the opportunity to meet and talk to the main People of FPUSA, who were aware of our willingness to create a new petanque club in Lower-Westchester County. We learned a lot of good tips and ideas about how we will manage our new club.
First, we need to play and find places where we can play :) !!
Second, before we figure out exactly how we will run our "Own" Club in Larchmont (or anywhere in Lower-Westchester), We've decided, Alex and I, with the recommendations of Frank Pipal, current FPUSA Secretary, to Associate ourselves with "La Boule New-Yorkaise", and apply for membership for the 2009 season in January (Membership is valid from year to year so it's better to register with the club at the beginning of their new Season, financially speaking !!!). We will keep you uptodate on membership registration within the next few weeks so we can start "fresh" after a "heavy" Hollyday season in January.
I will try to keep you inform on everything once or twice a week, so we can be ready to play at the first warm and sunny days of next year.
So that's it for today ; I wish everyone of you a great week, even with the doom days of this Country's economy :( !!
Sincerely, Pierre Perrier. "Interim President :) !!"